Augmented reality

PTC technologies help industrial companies create both internal and customer value and ultimately improve the world around us. From high-reliability hospital equipment to half-weight suits with no reduced durability, to sustainable buildings and more efficient manufacturing, every improvement created by PTC technologies makes the world a better place. By combining augmented reality products, industrial IoT, PLM and CAD solutions, PTC technologies are helping customers create and deliver great new solutions across a range of industries.

Over the past 12 years, PTC has been the only company consistently cited (in the range of technologies delivered) as a technology leader in independent reports.


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Vuforia Studio allows you to create a full 3D AR experience by combining real-world environments, visualization of CAD data (e.g., the tool used), real device operational data (IoT), and augmented work instructions.

The result of the deployment is:

  • increased worker productivity and a greater sense of job satisfaction
  • reduced errors, rejects, downtime and accidents
  • improved product quality and competitive advantage over competitors

The application recognises the following types of objectives:

  • spatial targets (e.g. Area Targets)
  • 3D models
  • customer tags (VU Mark, QR code)

A universal iOS/Android app is used to access the apps: PTC Vuforia View.

Vuforia Expert Capture is used to capture a workflow and pass it on to other workers for training purposes or as operational instructions. The workflow is first captured via a headset (Hololens, Realwear). The captured input is then edited and supplemented with further augmented instructions. The resulting application is designed for display using a headset.

Key use cases:

  • creation of 3D training materials for training in real environments
  • capture key operational procedures so that they can be performed at any time and by anyone

Key benefits:

  • speed up and reduction of the cost of the training cycle
  • reduction of errors in the production process
  • reduction of downtime (planned and unplanned)
  • increased safety at work
  • reduced dependence on key experts

Vuforia Instruct is designed to streamline quality control in the production process or in the operational control of equipment. The basis for the creation of the application is a 3D CAD model of the equipment to be inspected over which the workflow of the inspection tasks is created. The worker records the result of the individual tasks in an online form and the data is available at any time for continuous evaluation and reporting.

Key benefits:

  • speed up of inspection tasks during or at the end of the production process
  • increased work safety
  • online data for improving the production process

Using VU Engine we create customized AR applications. In this case, Vuforia technology allows us to recognize the surrounding environment and enrich it with digital content.

The result is a custom Android/iOS/Windows app available for mobile phones, tablets and headsets.

The app recognises all types of targets:

  • real environment (Area Targets, Ground Planes)
  • images
  • packaging i.e. boxes, bottles (multitargets, cylinder targets)
  • objects (scanned) or 3D models
  • customer marks (VU Mark)

Vuforia Chalk is a collaborative real-time remote support solution:

  • reduces service intervention resolution time
  • extends the solution options in the event of a fault, outage
  • reduces the cost of on-site support from key experts
  • reduces downtime and associated costs

Key features:

  • efficient remote support via mobile, tablet or PC
  • combines live video, audio and annotation in a shared view
  • locates real objects in space and allows annotations to be fixed to them
  • expert guides the worker at the intervention site using drawings and arrows
  • the progress of the intervention is documented in the form of a final summary
  • supports multisession, i.e. the possibility of online cooperation of several workers

Vuforia Spatial Toolbox is an innovative solution for optimizing human-machine interaction in real-world environments:

  • offers pre-programmed elements (drivers, dashboards, etc.) for device control and monitoring
  • uses spatial computing tools to modify the behaviour of the device (e.g. the precise movement of the robot in space)