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PTC’s technology helps industrial companies to create value for themselves, their customers, and the world. From hospital equipment with increased uptime and a spacesuit that is just as durable at half the weight, to more sustainable buildings and more efficient manufacturing—each improvement our technology helps to create, makes our world a better place. Through a combination of our Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, PLM and CAD solutions, PTC technology has helped our customers achieve some impressive results.​

PTC’s proven solutions in IoT, augmented reality, computer-aided design, product lifecycle management, and beyond are changing the game for customers across all industries. In the last 12 tech ranking reports about the technology we offer, PTC is the only company to consistently be ranked a leader.​


Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk is a real-time, remote assistance & collaboration tool to:​

Key features:

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Vuforia Expert Capture

With VU EC, PTC leads the industrial AR market for the rapid documentation and scalable delivery of expert knowledge for skills development and training across the Enterprise:​

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Vuforia Studio

Vuforia Studio can transform your existing CAD and IoT data into detailed AR experiences that provide critical information to front-line workers when and where they need it most. Realize the value of 3D AR training, instructions and visualizations for:​

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