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Product offering

Management Consulting

To provide comprehensive services in this area we have formed BRS Group as a dedicated business line.​


Please visit us at and review our comprehensive consulting offering to help companies:​

We help companies establish culture of continuous innovations and change.​

Project Management

Based on long-term, proven track of projects delivered, our company provides project management of complex information systems implementation e.g. ERP and CRM.​


Product line

Reference projects examples

  • Horizon - Strategic transformation project and optimization of Telefonica O2 resources allocation.​
  • ASSECO CE a.s. - crisis management followed by successful transformation project of BERIT daughter company (GIS and TIS SW developer) after loss of key customers and dramatic sales drop).​
  • Betterbrand - Project to establish and manage startup companies pool.
  • ČEZ Group - Procurement transformation project and implementation of electronic procurement systems.​
  • Autocont a.s. - Industry 4.0 division business model change, re-definition of value proposition and sales strategy.​
  • ČEPS voice and data services - Tender management consulting services in service procurement.​
  • Gulf Medical Co. - Transformation of service processes using cloud CRM platform in medical industry.

Augmented Reality

As we always search for new opportunities we see a great potential of this newly emerging technology to improve company business processes, increase revenues, shorten product development, decrease training costs etc.​

Technologies →

ROSmart strives to become an early adapter and first active PTC partner focusing on AR deployment in CE region. Initial product focus on:​

We are bulding competency and capacity to deploy end-to-end AR projects with focus on service provisioning:​